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We are experts in establishing businesses in Norway

We Digitalize and Simplify Company Registration Into Norway for Foreign Nationals and Entities

person standing near the stairs
person standing near the stairs

Why should you choose Intermediary AS?

Intermediary AS understands that expanding a business to another country can be challenging, especially when it comes to navigating the legal, economic, and cultural aspects of doing business in Norway.

Our core competency is guiding euorpean companies to expand into the Norwegian market without it costing a fortune or requiring you to waste invaluable time.

Register your business in Norway effortlessly through the cloud with Intermediary in under 5 minutes*

We believe this is the ultimate best solution and completely unique.

Morten Ims

Founder/ CEO

Intermediary AS

Morten Ims Founder Intermediary AS
Morten Ims Founder Intermediary AS

Why our solution is unique?

Launching our multi languages module soon

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Intermediary AS Trademark Logo

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