Our Code of Conduct

As a company operating in Norway, Intermediary AS is subject to Norwegian law, which includes various regulations and guidelines related to ethical behavior in business.

To ensure that Intermediary AS operates in an ethical and responsible manner, our company will adhere to the following ethical guidelines:

Compliance with laws and regulations

Intermediary AS will comply with all relevant laws and regulations in Norway. This includes adhering to tax laws, labor legislation, environmental regulations, and other pertinent laws and regulations.

Fair business practices

Intermediary AS will conduct its business activities in a fair and ethical manner. This includes avoiding bribery, conflicts of interest, and other immoral practices.

Respect for human rights

Intermediary AS will respect human rights, both within the company and in its business activities. This includes prohibiting discrimination, forced labor, and child labor.

Environmental responsibility

Intermediary AS will take steps to minimize its environmental impact. This includes reducing waste, using sustainable materials, and promoting energy efficiency.

Protection of confidential information

Intermediary AS will ensure the protection of confidential information, including customer data, employee data, and business information.

Social responsibility

Intermediary AS will take an active role in supporting the community and contributing to social welfare. This includes engaging in charitable activities and supporting local businesses.

Employee well-being

Intermediary AS will ensure the well-being of its employees. This includes providing a safe and healthy workplace, offering fair wages and benefits, and providing opportunities for career development and training.

With these ethical guidelines, Intermediary AS will maintain a strong reputation and build trust with our customers, employees, and the community