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Simple and transparent pricing for setting up a Norwegian business

Register your Norwegian business in less than 5 minutes through our cloud-based and digital solution

Set up a Branch Office in Norway

From EUR 1999,- incl. 1 D-Number

Set up a Norwegian Limited Company

From EUR 4025,- incl. 3 D-numbers

* D-Number is used for all owners, board members, and CEO. Extra D-Number 135,- EUR. All prices excl. VAT

Brønnøysund Business Central will separately issue its registration fee once the setup is completed. Find the prices here

Why is your solution unique?

Our Patentability Review shortly:

The Intermediary concept relates to an automated process of creating a company.

The concept comprises an automated, hassle-free method of setting up a business (in particular in Norway) by accessing a single online interface, entering information and filling out required information (preferably in one sitting). The method enables the governmental regulatory official process steps to be completed in a user-friendly, streamed-lined method”

“The online interface, which presents fields to be entered by a user seeking to set up a business, collects all the relevant data required to set up a business for that user. It is particularly useful for foreigners (without a D-number). The method includes a logical user interface for easy navigation by the user and ensures all necessary data is inputted”

In view of all of the above publicly known material, your concept appears to comprise some novel features.

The novel features of your concept appear to be:

· How the forms are populated by information entered into the online fields i.e., the forms may be auto-populated based on AI then manually checked to ensure the correct information

· The incorporation being specific to Norway/to foreign entities

Therefore, the above-described Intermediary concept does appear to be novel

Four good reasons to use Intermediary AS when you need to register your business in Norway

Save time and administration

Register your business in our digital self-service solution, which you can only find with us

Protect your data in the cloud

Save money and protect your personal data in the cloud

Free knowledge sharing

Contact us and get free information about Norway

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What our customers are saying

"We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for the outstanding support and guidance that Intermediary AS has provided to Dansk Logistik Partner ApS in connection with our establishment in Norway. As a cost consultant within freight, we understand the complexities of setting up a new business in a foreign market, and your expertise and professionalism were invaluable in helping us navigate these challenges"

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Our statement

Intermediary AS understands that expanding a business to another country can be challenging, especially when it comes to navigating the legal, financial, and cultural aspects of doing business in Norway.

Our core competency is guiding companies to expand into the Norwegian market without it costing a fortune or requiring you to waste invaluable time.

Choosing the right organizational form in Norway is incredibly important for your company's success and development.

Expand your business to Norway and establish a Norwegian AS (LLC) or create a NUF (Norwegian-registered foreign entity a Norwegian Branch Office)

Transport trips across borders due to expansion into the Norwegian market will result in unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Register your company in Norway effortlessly through the cloud with Intermediary in under 5 minutes.

We believe this is the ultimate best solution and quite unique.

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