Company Registration into Norway FAQ

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Why is your solution unique?

Our Patentability Review shortly:

“The Intermediary concept relates to an automated process of creating a company.

The concept comprises an automated, hassle-free method of setting up a business (in particular in Norway) by accessing a single online interface, entering information and filling out required information (preferably in one sitting). The method enables the governmental regulatory official

process steps to be completed in a user-friendly, streamed-lined method”

“The online interface, which presents fields to be entered by a user seeking to set up a business, collects all the relevant data required to set up a business for that user. It is particularly useful for foreigners (without a D-number). The method includes a logical user interface for easy navigation by the user and ensures all necessary data is inputted”

“In view of all of the above publicly known material, your concept appears to comprise some novel features.

The novel features of your concept appear to be:

· How the forms are populated by information entered into the online fields i.e., the forms may be auto-populated based on AI then manually checked to ensure the correct information

· The incorporation being specific to Norway/to foreign entities

Therefore, the above-described Intermediary concept does appear to be novel”

I have found many different types of information about business registration in Norway; I am confused!

Unfortunately, the internet is filled with information that is not universal and incorrect. Continue reading our FAQ, and you will be informed and advised correctly

What triggers the registration requirement?

There are three main factors that trigger the registration requirement of a Norwegian Branch Office in the areas of taxation, VAT, and the legal aspect

Why and when must I register a Norwegian Branch Office?

  • Whenever you wish to employ an individual who lives in Norway

  • You need a Norwegian organization number

  • You are selling B2C

  • If Norway is your primary market

  • If your turnover in the Norwegian market exceeds NOK 50,000 within 12 months

  • If you wish to have a Norwegian phone number, a .no domain,

  • If you want VAT exemption for shipping and return of goods

  • If your company do not meet the requirements of the VOEC Scheme from the start or from changes over time

Can I travel to Norway and open a branch office and get it sorted quickly?

No, you cannot. It is a process that must be applied for and approved through Brønnøysund Business Central

Can I, as a non-Norwegian citizen or foreign business entity, register a company in Brønnøysund Business Central

No, you cannot. Only individuals or companies approved by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority are allowed to approve foreign citizens and foreign companies

Can I complete the registration process myself?

Intermediary has tailormade a DIY Cloud Solution so you can type in all infomation thats required in order to create a Branch Office or Limited Company in Norway

Can I get customer support?

Yes you can, send us an email, and we will find a time and date that suits you where we can aasist you 1:1

What do I need to have ready to complete the registration?

  • A copy of your passport.

  • Company registration certificate from the tax authorities that is no more than 3 months old.

  • A signed board resolution confirming the decision to open a branch in Norway

  • A signed or digitally signed business certificate from your government authority center.

Where can I find the registration portal?

Why is your solution in Danish?

We have built our solution with customers from Denmark. Registration made easy to read, type and follow.

We are working on localizing and expect to deliver a multi-languages module in Q4 2023.

If you need to make a registration from any other EU country, please contact us on phone +47 965 03 953 or email

What is your promise?

Our promise is an automated process for the establishment of your company in Norway

Is your solution safe?

Yes, our solution is secure. Our cloud-based solution protects your personal and business-sensitive information from outsiders. Our solution is built and stored in the Azure database

How do you handle the General Data Protection Regulations?

Our website has implemented cookie solutions on both our website and registration portal, and our firm is compliant with Norwegian rules and regulations

How do you handle KYC?

Our solution collaborates with the central government company registration authority in your local country. If your country does not have digital APIs, we will request that you provide us with the necessary information that can confirm your legal entity

Where can I have my branch address?

When you need to have a branch in Norway, you can have a permanent establishment from your own country; you don't need a Norwegian address

How and when do I pay?

You pay after you have completed the registration - you will receive an invoice, and once the invoice is paid, we will proceed with processing your registration towards public authorities

Can I cancel my purchase?

In our solution, we will postpone processing your application unless you waive your right of withdrawal.

If you waive your right of withdrawal, we will process your application immediately, but only after the invoice is paid

Please find additional information in our terms and conditions

How long does the "registration process" take with Intermediary?

In our cloud-based solution, you can complete the registration in under 5 minutes

How long does the whole process take?

You should expect somewhere between 3-5 weeks. Please note that it depends on the processing time of the Norwegian authorities and officials to determine when you will have a Norwegian organization number

How does your solution differ from others?

Intermediary AS is the only operator with a cloud-based solution. Therefore, your application will go through to the authorities the fastest.

Furthermore, our solution is automated and built on a 'zero error' basis, while manual processing of applications has a higher likelihood of errors and rejection by authorities that only accept complete and correct applications

On top of that we provide you the D-number from the very start of the Company Formation unlike any other Norwegian market entries providers

Establishing a presence in a new market is challenging. Can I get assistance?

Intermediary offers knowledge sharing and written answers to questions when you choose us as the registrant

Are there any hidden costs or fees?

Intermediary AS has a very transparent price listed on our website. Additionally, there is the registration fee from Brønnøysund Business Central, which is linked on the website and is sent separately by them

Will my registration be received immediately at Brønnøysund Business Central?

All service providers submitting applications for Branch Office registrations can only be received by Norwegian authorities through regular mail, and applications are sent to a postbox

When will I receive notification when my company is registered?

When Brønnøysund Business Central has approved the company, they send a response by mail from Northern Norway. However, Intermediary AS has a register that we monitor and provide proactive updates when your company is ready.

The case workload determines the processing time. Authorities have limited capacity and telephone hours

What is the D-number?

The D-number is the personal identification number. Intermediary AS applies for the number on your behalf, which is an integrated part of our solution.

How to obtain an electronic ID?

MinID is a personal electronic ID that provides access to online public services at a substantial level of security (level 3). MinID is issued by the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency, and can be ordered from the year you turn 13. When you create MinID, you are registered in the common contact register at the same time. The common contact register is used by the central and local government to notify you. Therefore, you must register your mobile phone number and email address. Order activation letter here

Who issues my D-number?

It is the Norwegian tax authorities that issue your D-number. They send information by mail. Our best advice is to call them after you have received your organization number from Brønnøysund Business Central.

What are the benefits of a branch office?

No share capital or compliance with the regulations of the Companies Act is required; you do not need to have a fixed place of business in Norway with an address, and there is unlimited liability in relation to the chosen legal form

What is VOEC?

The Norwegian VAT on E-commerce (VOEC) scheme is a tax program designed to collect Value Added Tax (VAT) on digital services and products sold by foreign businesses to consumers in Norway.

If a business doesn't meet VOEC requirements, they need to register a branch office in Norway to comply with tax rules

Can you also establish a limited company through your solution?

Yes, you can do that

When do you advise on choosing a stock company?

When you need to have multiple owners, limited liability, participate in Norwegian tenders, and use the organizational form as an incentive for employees and staff

Doing business in Norway how and what do we do next?

Intermediary AS offers on-demand services and connects your company with ecosystem partners with various service providers you will need to grow your company in Norway

Does the transport and logistics sector have any relevance regarding company registration?

Yes, it does. If you have a Norwegian branch office in Norway, you can simplify your customs procedures since Norway is outside the European Union. This way, you can benefit and become competitive with Norwegian consumers

If I want VAT exemption for shipping and return of goods, do you need to meet certain requirements or criteria?

You are obligated to register a Norwegian branch office in order to qualify for VAT exemption for shipping and return of goods in Norway

I am in a process with another agent, they are not responding, and we are not getting any help. What should I do?

Several of our customers have come to us with this experience. One of the reasons is the errors and deficiencies that occur during manual processes, the requirements are not met, and Norwegian authorities reject applications at Brønnøysund Business Central. Rejection occurs by mail

Intermediary AS is ready to assist you further

Am I harming the environment by traveling to Norway or sending documents for opening a Branch Office?

If you choose Intermediary AS as your service provider, you don't need to travel or send documents across national borders. That's why our solution is CO2 neutral

Is your solution considered green and/or sustainable as per the definition?

Our solution promotes health and well-being, which aligns with UN Goal #3. Our cloud-based company registration solution reduces unnecessary travel from the EU to Norway and minimizes the need for cross-border mail delivery

Is your company part of any climate initiative?

Intermediary AS is a participant in the climate initiative "CO2 neutral websites". The carbon emissions from both the website and the users of the website have been neutralized by the building of new renewable energy sources, various CO2 reducing projects and by the purchase of certified CO2 offsets, which are cleared by the relevant government institutions.