Our vales

A company's values can be written or lived by

Intermediary AS's values are the foundation upon which the company is built. The values define who the company and its people are, what the company stands for, and how the company operates.

Intermediary has strong values that can attract and retain the best employees and can build long-lasting relationships with customers and other stakeholders.

Our four core values are:

People - Innovation - Sustainability - Partnerships

Intermediary AS is a company driven by people and purpose

We live by our values, and we align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals number 3, 8, 11, and 17

Company's Set of Values

Employee's navigation map at Intermediary

The value of having interaction with purpose, respect, and productive exchanges with other people.

In a business context, the value refers to internal employees and externally with our customers and suppliers


The value of Interactivity is a form of innovation, especially within technology and design. Interactive products or services engage the user in new and exciting ways, which can be a result of innovative processes


The value of Intergenerational Equity is a principle within sustainability that ensures that future generations have access to the same or better resources and opportunities than we have today. Although it is not a direct synonym for sustainability, it is an important part of the overall concept


The value of Interorganizational Collaborations refers to cooperation between different organizations to achieve common goals. It can include various forms of partnerships, networks, and alliances

Interorganizational Collaborations